[5/16/2021] Wrapped up all technical interviews and submitted the final grades. Enjoy your summer!

[5/1/2021] Solutions posted for written assignment-4 and programming project-2.

[4/27/2021] Completed all the lectures! Good luck for the interviews.

[4/21/2021] Assignment-3 solutions are posted.

[4/15/2021] Programming project-2 is up. Due on Apr-30.

[4/13/2021] Written assignment-4 is up. Due on Apr-29.

[4/10/2021] Technical interview slots are open in ICON calendar. Please sign up!

[4/4/2021] Solutions posted for written assignment-2 and programming project-1.

[4/2/2021] Written assignment-3 is up. Due on Apr-9.

[3/7/2021] Written assignment-2 is up. Due on Mar-23.

[3/2/2021] Programming project-1 is up. Due on Mar-18.

[2/25/2021] Completed application layer! Enjoy your instructional break on Mar-2.

[2/27/2021] Assignment-1 scores and solutions are posted.

[2/9/2021] Written assignment-1 and a required reading are up. Due on Feb-16.

[2/4/2021] Completed the overview section; all lecture notes and videos posted

[1/26/2021] Registration at full capacity. Cheers to networking!

[1/18/2021] Course website up!